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Welcome to Richco Limited Theme Park and Leisure Website...

Industrial resins for all Theme Parks, Zoological and Leisure Application, Including All Flooring Finishes, Safety Playground Surfaces, Anti-Slip Decking, Artificial Rocks, Re-lining of Pools and Ponds and General Ride Refurbishment.

Richco is the solution-providing company that specialises in offering a unique and dependable service to all Theme Parks, Zoological and Leisure Industries. Richco offers a range of products and services to satisfy individual customer needs that can be specifically designed and installed for each particular project.

Richco offers a supply and application service, through our highly experienced in-house application team to give total customer satisfaction by providing a single source service. All Richco application technicians are directly employed and have been given the highest levels of training possible.
Our application team have many years of experience applying resin systems and have the skills, dedication and knowledge to give total customer satisfaction by providing single source responsibility and reliability.

As a manufacturer and applicator we have the ability to stand behind the integrity of our workmanship and offer guarantees on the application of our products. It is extremely unlikely that our competitors can match our capability to deliver rapid project turnaround, minimum downtime and the highest quality installations.

Richco strive to satisfy individual customer needs, providing systems specifically designed for the application required.

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